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About Us


We are a family owned business. Our business is partially run by a veteran of the US Army. Together with my wife we ​​have proposed to help our community in the area of ​​health through physical and mental exercises. 

            OUR VISION


Our vision at VIVE LA FITNESS is becoming and positioning ourselves as the first Hispanic investment company in the market.


Leading the fitness industry with physical exercises and good nutrition, we are promoting the continuous improvement of our communities in the areas of physical, emotional, and mental health.

            OUR MISION


At VIVE LA FITNESS our mission is to motivate, inspire, raise self-esteem, and help improve the health lifestyle of all Milwaukee communities.



"To enjoy optimal health and a splendid life with good nutrition and exercise helps to make       better decisions that lead to       financial and emotional success."          

Dr. Mahtab K. Sidhu, MD

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