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See also Claas (company) Claas Construction Equipment List of Caterpillar Inc. engines Category:Construction equipment manufacturers of Germany Category:Tractor manufacturers of Germany Category:Companies based in Baden-WürttembergThe present invention relates to structures that may be used for separation of gases or liquids, and more particularly, the present invention relates to gas/liquid separation systems that are designed to provide substantially instantaneous separation of gases from liquids, or vice versa. In particular, the present invention relates to a gas/liquid separation system that operates with substantially no recirculation of the liquid in the system. Gas/liquid separation systems have been used for some time to separate a gas from a liquid. Typically, such separation systems include a separation chamber containing a gas or liquid permeable membrane. The liquid is typically either introduced into a separation chamber that includes the membrane, or the separation chamber is positioned above the liquid source. Typically, the separation chamber is a cylindrical body that includes a membrane or other suitable gas or liquid permeable membrane. In particular, the membrane allows gaseous materials to pass therethrough while preventing or substantially blocking liquids from passing therethrough. The membrane may be provided as a tube or as a disk-like membrane having a central passage through which the gas and liquid flow. These prior art systems provide adequate separation of gas and liquid, but suffer from the disadvantage of requiring a fairly long separation time. Typically, a separation system for separating a gas from a liquid includes a membrane that is contained within a separation chamber. The liquid source of the liquid to be separated from the gas is positioned above the membrane within the separation chamber. The separation chamber is typically cylindrical in shape, and provides a significant length of separation. As the liquid passes through the membrane, the gas is allowed to pass through the membrane and is removed from the gas outlet of the system. After the gas is separated from the liquid, the liquid is typically re-circulated back to the liquid source and separated from the gas again, and this process is repeated until the gas is substantially removed from the liquid. In particular, such prior art gas/liquid separation systems have the disadvantage of requiring a lengthy separation time. Thus, as the separation chamber contains the liquid that is to be separated from the gas, the separation chamber must be able to provide a significant volume of liquid in order to facilitate a continuous, steady flow of liquid through the membrane. In particular, as the membrane prevents a flow of




Download Claas Esis Parts Catalog

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